Who am I?

I am a seasoned Chief Financial Officer that is now focused on helping smaller organizations.  I have a broad range of capabilities from a variety of industries.  I am not a consultants.  I am a hands-on managers that becomes a strong component to your management team.  By getting in lock-step with the CEO, I help the top leader work "on" the business as opposed to working "in" the business.  

What do I do?

Depending on the company's situation, I provide services to support all aspect of the controllership, credit, human resource and treasury responsibilities; create effective financial analysis of past results; devise systems to help understand the future and the best ways to impact results; develop the short and long term capital structure needed to finance the company's strategy and sustain its grow; work with management team to execute the business plan by developing operating initiatives that create real shareholder value; identify, mitigate and monitor business risks; ensure IT function is aligned with corporate strategies.

What is my mission?

My mission is to help small to mid-sized companies successfully move to that next stage of growth. We are dedicated to achieving profound, measurable results for our clients.

What do I promise?

I promise to personally do my best to collaborate closely with your management team to provide cost effective solutions designed to help your company grow.

I can help balance my client's management teams imperfections without the risk and expense of hiring an expensive full time executive. 

I help your company turn data into information and information into insight....

Developing a forward looking decision making culture from the start is an important step for any successful business.  I can help any company get beyond driving from its "rear view mirror" - historical reporting.  By providing part-time seasoned CFO's I can perform all the traditional duties of a CFO at a fraction of the cost of full time employment.