We add value by providing our clients access to our Preferred Service Provider Network.   By working with the best business consultants in Chicago that specialize in small to mid-sized business, we can help our organization solve a variety of problems. 

Improving the IT functions

Early stage companies have unique IT requirements.  Our IT partners can help you intergrate the appropriate IT solutions with an experienced eye toward your company's future requirements.  Our IT partners are available truly on-demand to provide services to fit your needs.

Improving the sales & marketing functions

To be successful, early stage companies need to spend as much as 80% of their management resources on selling its products and services.  By partnering with successful sales and marketing executives, we help our clients develop appropriate sales processes, identify ideal target markets, and develop appropriate performance based recruiting methods. By providing part-time seasoned sales and marketing executives, we provide cost effective solutions that are generally not available to companies this size.

Improving the operational & general management functions

Our partners have cross functional leadership backgrounds. Our expertise in sales, financial, operational, technical and general mangement ensure a solid business based perspective. Choosing to use one of our partners for as little as one or two days per month may be the perfect solution to the early stage company.