Board Advisory Services

By utilizing our consultants for one or two days per month, you can gain our expertise in helping your company improve it enterprise value, corporate performance, risk management and change management.  Even companies with no formal board of directors can benefit from having an outsider periodically meet with your management team and help keep the team in tune to the ownership’s expectations. 

In more formal settings, many times board members are uncomfortable confronting management on difficult topics that deserve their attention.  Too often boards are dominated by investors who have little or no operating experience.  

  •  ·     Provide both operating and financial expertise advisory services

  •  Interact directly with company’s management team to develop clear understanding as to where the company is heading, evaluate if resources are sufficient to get there; and help the management team navigate to the next level
  • Monitor overall operations of the company
  • Enhance governance practices which in turn attract professional investors
  • Help boards focus on strategic direction and risk management
  • High level navigational guidance
  • Access to extensive network for financial advisors, lenders and investors