Service Offerings


Part-time CFO

The cornerstone to Growth Management Solutions financial service offerings are Consulting CFO services.  A Consulting CFO is a growing trend in the financial industry, and one that companies should be familiar with and consider when making strategic business decisions.  By coming to the office part-time but staying connected to your company on a 24/7 basis, the Consulting CFO provides the benefits of a full time CFO for a fraction of the cost to hire.   And the Consulting CFO can start immediately with no recruiting fees. 

  • The Consulting CFO is a program that delivers overly qualified financial leadership to small companies at a fraction of the cost to hire

  • No need for a long term search – Services are truly on-demand - Zero recruiting fee
  • The difference between a controller and an experience CFO is huge and can be critical to your company’s success.  Getting the right financial help now, can avoid a fatal pitfall
  • Mentors and develops your staff
  • Understanding how to create and maintain the relationship with your lenders, investors and other stakeholders
  • Serves as “right hand” to CEO
  • Acts as a sounding board, mentor and/or advisor for CEOs and entrepreneurs
  • Available in daily units appropriate to your businesses requirements

Board Advisory Services

By utilizing our consultants for one or two days per month, you can gain our expertise in helping your company improve it enterprise value, corporate performance, risk management and change management.  Even companies with no formal board of directors can benefit from having an outsider periodically meet with your management team and help keep the team in tune to the ownership’s expectations. 

And in more formal settings, many times board members are afraid to confront management on difficult topics that deserve their attention.  Too often boards are dominated by investors who have little or no operating experience.  

  •  ·     Provide both operating and financial expertise advisory services

  •  Interact directly with company’s management team to develop clear understanding as to where the company is heading, evaluate if resources are sufficient to get there; and help the management team navigate to the next level
  • Monitor overall operations of the company
  • Enhance governance practices which in turn attract professional investors
  • Help boards focus on strategic direction and risk management
  • High level navigational guidance
  • Access to extensive network for financial advisors, lenders and investors

Enhancing Operations

  • Create forward looking budgets, forecasts and business models
  • Develop financial policies ensure accurate and compliant reporting to stakeholders
  • Mentor and nurture in-house staff to prepare for the next growth level
  • Create value added performance systems, manage and develop HR related functions
  • Risk assess insurance programs

Enhancing Profitability and Cash:

  • Expenditure Analysis - cost reduction programs
  • Evaluate and enhance the cash forecasting processes
  • Activity Based Costing - determine products, services, customers real costs
  • Slice and dice profitability - analyze profit by customer, by region, by distribution channel
  • Evaluate, model and support effective pricing initiatives
  • Evaluate cost systems, help company determine cost behavior are being properly considered
  • Provide ongoing advisory board services

Cost Benefit Analysis:

  •  Review capital expenditures to determine true benefits

Business Financial Modeling:

  • Planning model that your company will update each month to keep you on task to meet your long term strategic objectives.  Shows you were your company is going and how fast it is getting there

  • Key driver dashboard – helps visualize key performance results

Funding and Banking:

  • Create business plans and "pitch package" to raise VC, asset-based and conventional financing

  • Lender support and relationship activities

  • Identify, negotiate new lender opportunities

Reporting and analysis:

  • Evaluate performance metrics to be sure they support effective decision making and management control

  • Create regular reporting packages of ongoing operations for management and stakeholders

  • Provide critical early warning dashboards

Crisis Management:

  • Develop effective turn-around action plans and assist in their execution

  • Ensure companies messages to its employees, creditors and owners are clear and consistent

  • Help to reestablish "normalcy"

Supporting and analyzing major transactions:

  • Create book and due diligence packages for major transactions

  • ·       Help create transition plans